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Masala Bhangra

Masala Bhangra: A Cross-Cultural Fitness Craze

prandin insulin By Eleanor Harte

Maholi dating norway i lier In 1999, Sarina Jain introduced a new dance style to the world: Masala Bhangra. 15 years later, she travels the world for work, training instructors in the Indian-style celebratory fitness dancing that she created.

Hoogstraten namoro nao oficial In her years of travel, she’s seen the differences in attitudes toward fitness across the world, and has been able to share her culture and change lives in the process.

best online video slots mercenarily Her dance classes are held in twenty countries. She has created 12 different workout videos, which can easily be downloaded from the internet.

pq namoro acaba Lansdale She has made a name for herself and for Indian-inspired fitness across the globe, and she only plans to continue.