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maalot Tarshīhā gay chat room on yahoo messenger Ahhhh, Zumba. In a world where fitness trends seem to come and go at an alarming pace (hey, remember Tae Bo?), the Latin-dance based fitness classes have managed to retain their loyal fan base, so much so that the business has expanded to include not one, not two, not five, but about a dozen different Zumba classes of varying intensity and focus. The Zumba folks have always insisted that Zumba is for everyone, but they’ve actually followed-through on that claim, designing classes that incorporate weight training, chair-dancing, and swimming (YES, YOU CAN FINALLY ZUMBA IN A POOL). Read on for a thorough breakdown on 10 of the different types of Zumba, and then dance your way to the nearest studio.

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123 tchatche gratuit nrj Also known as… well, just Zumba. The original class style is like a calorie-torching dance party set to Latin music (and other global rhythms), that alternates intervals of high and low intensity so that you feel constantly challenged, but never over-taxed. This is mainly a cardio workout, but you will get some toning benefits thanks to the hip-swinging dance moves, which help with core-straightening.